Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right….here I am stuck in the middle with ME!

Well its been a few months since my last blog, not sure why I stopped, but its time to relight the engine.

So the thing with Ginge didnt get much further, she started seeing another guy from the pub but binned him off after a few weeks, he’ s now doinking some other bird from the pub which has caused major ruptions cos he shagged her best mate first! The thing with J slowed up and ground to a halt as we just couldnt get to meet anytime, as with ginge we still talk so all is not lost. 

So update on the love life? No real love there, a bit of lust and flirtation with a former colleague, who is hot as fuck but has a handfull of kids and exisits in a sexless, loveless relationship. Does that make me a bad man?

I dont think so, everyone needs someone. Theres also an older widow who is very keen, lovely lady, we’ve done the deed, but there are that many nosey fuckers stirring rumours about us that it will just fizzle out as neither of us need the mither…should we be arsed about what others think?

Then theres best friend S (female) who has stupidly got engaged to the worlds dodgiest scouser, which ended up in a cat fight in the pub when the girl, who he apparently has nothing to with text him whilst S had his phone. There’ll be more on this one as it unfolds, but believe me there is no smoke without fire!

So me then, still not seen my kids, my mum has, my brother has, but I havent, eldest has a university offer available if he gets his A level results required and that bitch of an ex K seems to be haunting my dreams, honestly woken me up in cold sweats a few times. Is it right to hate someone as much as I do but still love her at the same time?

Social life, well I dont know, its improving but the core friendship group is crumbling and I find the whole thing over dramatic and under stimulating….its just dull to be fair…same faces, same pub, same, conversation,  same piss take,  smae hangovers.  Ive expanded,  started to play cricket,  so new group of friends, new challenge and new record for consecutive golden ducks whilst batting…still you see that on the telly too.

So I suppose Im just looking after me and me alone, to be honest I am the only one I can rely upon, nobody sticks their neck out for me, yet they expect me to do for them, sorry chaps, not happening, the cup is running on empty. 

So the plan is to move on, keep moving forward, keep improving, make something of myself, make my kids proud of what Ive become and be proud of what I have achieved in a relatively small space of time. 

I should be proud of mysel, all the ticks on the “Fridge of Destiny” have gone on in the last 3 months!

Anyone else have a fridge like this?


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