Further Ramblings

So I managed to not send any drunk messages for the last two days….result. I did think about it, allow me to elaborate.

I’ve been chasing the most gorgeous red haired bar maid in the local pub since I first started going in over a year ago. Asked her out on dates, sportsman’s dinner etc, anyway always got an excuse or a point blank no, we always remained friends though. So I left it alone and embarked on finding someone else which I did for 6 months. When this relationship ended recently I spoke with “Ginge” (only a ginger can call another ginger) and she was quite shocked that I’d split with my girlfriend as, she said we looked good together, which we did to be fair. She also passed comment that, my ex “had fucked up”. To be honest I did raise an eye brow but paid it no further heed than that.

Anyway,  couple of weeks later and following another mad Sunday Funday in the pub (Sunday afternoons are just the best in my local) I was asked by another member of staff if I’d walk home Ginge and another girl. Being a complete gentleman and chivalrous to a fault I agreed. Dropped the first girl off round the corner, then BAM, jumped on by Ginge. I have to admit we were both drunk, which was more than evident when we both ended up sprawled all over the road after a failed piggy back attempt.

So finally back to hers, took us 45 minutes to get in as we couldn’t find the right door key. Got in, smooch on the settee and ended up in bed. Coming back to the gentleman that I am, it was evident that sex was definitely on the cards, however, I have too much respect for her for just a one night bang.

Just to end the Sunday night episode, loads of cuddling, pillow talk etc and we were both really comfortable in each others company. Blimey I even stayed till dinner time which is very unlike me as I’m usually off like a shot in the mornings. Walked her to work, agreed to pop in later and arranged a dinner date. Honestly skipped home, it was definitely no walk of shame!

Monday night, called for a pint, stayed out most of night with her, back to hers similar script to the previous night, again couldn’t get in the bloody house, again sex on the cards, again, too much of a gentleman. There was some fumbling in the morning and could have gone further, but stayed till dinner, skipped home!

Tuesday,  got invited round, spent all evening till 9 with the kids and a couple of her friends, halfway home, got a text “do you want to come back, I need a cuddle”. What did I do? Went home due to an early start the next day, what a plonker!

Thursday, went for a pint and that’s when it all started to go in reverse, she totally backed off….totally the weirdest thing ever. But there is a definite spark there.

Flowers, I love buying flowers, so finished work, nipped to the local florist, asked for 20 quids worth. Blow me this bunch of flowers were about 3 foot tall, I ended up having to put 2 bing bags on them as I had to walk a mile home. I didnt think that one through did I?

Got the flowers home, stuffed them in water, then as reality kicked in, how the hell am I going to give them to her? As I suffer from anxiety,  this started to weigh on my mind and went to bed a little unsettled. Prior to this though, I’d had Google maps up, looking for entrance and exit points,do I drive, cycle, walk, use the alleyways, walk a loop and so on, you get the picture.

The beauty of anxiety, yeah right, allows you to wake up at stupid of clock with all manner of stupid thoughts and ideas running around your head. Three thirty in the morning, “oh I know I’ll take them now.” So like some deranged Milk Tray man, there’s me walking the streets with a 3 foot bunch of flowers covered in a bin liner, wearing trackies and a hoody! Just glad the local constabulary weren’t about, looked like I was disposing of body parts.

Got there, bloody lights were on, Id already whipped the bag off and made sure the anonymous card was still where it should be a few yards from the door. Placed them on the step and got my arse up the street like a ninja in stealth mode.

I did get a text the following morning but I’ll go in to that in my next blog. I’m not sure if I was proud of myself, or have finally reached the conclusion I’m a bit of a nob head!


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