Texting whilst under the infuence.

I’ve tried a few blogs before but struggled to keep up with enough enthusiastic content, however, I’ve come across a cracking idea!

Everyone these days has a mobile phone, tablet etc which allows them to access the world at their finger tips. What they also allow is the potential to send messages to people they really shouldn’t,  ex partners, those you fancy and those you wish to rant at. Long gone are the days of rustling up enough change to feed in to the phone box, or to convince your mum to allow you to use the house phone, knowing full well that as soon as you dialled the last number she was already giving it “Hurry up on that phone”

Whilst the invention of technology and the rapid rise of social media outlets is part of our human evolution, it’s also downgrading the social capabilities of all involved. As a teenager if you wanted to speak to a girl, you had to ring the house phone, where invariably you would always get a parent answering the phone. Now if you were a bit shy and nervous like me this would cause panic to the nth degree.

Then you’d have to actually have a conversation with the girl on the other end. What do they do these days? Christ they’ve all got phones etc, text, Facebook,  Messenger, Installation,  Twitter, Snap Chat and those are the ones I know of.

If you wanted to ask someone out at High School, it was on a torn page of your maths book, love notes! Whatever happened to them? Do they still exist, or is it all electronic. The worst that could happen with a love note was that the class nob head would get wind of it and start mouthing off in front of 30 odd peers. These days these poor kids are subjected to having their messages and photos, their whole life existence subjected to viral ridicule. But you see, with a love note whilst sat bored rigid in double maths, it was innocent, it was daring, you had to deliver it discreetly in front of a class full of equally spotty hormonal teenagers.

Do things become different 30 years on, yes I suppose. As an adult, mid 40s, living alone, failed long term relationship behind him, no access to his children, the days of love notes are left well in the past. So what do you do? You text, quickest, simplest way of communicating, anywhere, any time to anyone. You become sucked in by the powers of technology…it’s just there.

So what then happens when you throw in upwards of two or three pints of lager into the mix? Let’s face it, love notes weren’t delivered whilst half cut, they took balls, especially if you had a nob head gobshite in your class. I’ll tell you what happens, DRUNK TEXTING…quite possibly the world’s most stupid activity!

Why does your alcohol infused brain decide?

” Let’s play a game of text your ex, that’ll be ace to play”

Me, “Oh go on then”

Brain “What shall we send? After all she’s been a bit of a bitch”

Me “Yes, let’s do that, let’s tell her how we really feel, that’ll show her”

I mean what the actual fuck is that about, then waking up in the morning not daring to look at your phone for a, water you said and b, if she actually replied!

Anyway, waffled enough on my first post, but my plan is to put any drunken texts directly to my blog, rather than in a text. I’ve got loads more to go at, hopefully will get a few followers too.


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